MARK LITTLE presents
foolschool2018 london
To laugh in the face of the King can be dangerous and lonely. The fool's desperate stumbling search for truth sets him up for a fall every time in the cruel world of psycho's who inhabit a fools paradise. Take a 3 part trip with Mark Little through that fools paradise at foolschoolONDON2018. As we dive into the subversive world of anti establishment, agitprop performance art that became Little's platform for his comedy over 4 decades. From the heady days of late 70's Punk Comedy as Riot to the virtual world of art and comedy as weapon. A truly revolutionary tool. Humour. We go beyond comedy as commodity to the really funny stuff. Let Professor Mayhem take you on an avant garde trip to the heart of your own sense of humour and how this might benefit the mental health of the collective. 'Fuck 'em if they can't take a joke' COMING SOON STANDBY FOR BOOKING DETAILS foolschoolONDON2018